Odd One Out

"Odd one out" is a very common form of non verbal reasoning question. It's basically an adbvanced form of the sets type of question. Essentially it's testing your ability to look for patterns and similarities in order to classify items. So the way to solve them is to look for something that is the same about all the shapes except one.

At its simplest you might have a set of simple shapes like these:

Odd One Out 1
Here the odd one out is D because all the others are closed shapes.

A more complicated example would be this one:

Odd One Out 2
Here the odd one out is A because all the rest are symmetrical around the vertical. Don't be tempted to say that 'B'is the odd one out because it's the only one with two black sections. That's true, but some of the others have one black section and some have none. You're looking for a feature that all the pictures share except one. Something where you can say "All the rest are this but the odd one out is that".

Odd one out questions do often involves counting. As with "set" problems, when in doubt count everything! Here's a simple example:

Odd One Out 3
Counting black sections doesn't help, they all have 2. Here E is the odd one out because it's made from 3 outside straight lines (it has three corners), the others are made from 4.

Sometimes you need to compare two different pieces of information, for example:

Odd One Out 4
We might start by noticing that three of the diagrams are symmetrical - but two aren't so that can't be it. Counting the number of outside lines or corners gives us 4,3,4,4,5 so that doesn't help. The number of black sections is 4,3,3,4,5 which is again no use on its own. Hang on though! All the pictures except for x have the same number of black sections as outside lines. So C is the answer: in all the others the number of outside lines is the same as the number of black sections.

So remember: you're looking for something which is the same about all of the pictures except one. Look for symmetry, colours, types of line, dots, etc and count everything!